Bulk SMS Services
Bulk Sms Marketing is often used by Big & small business owners, e-commerce industry, media Companies, Banks for Alerts, Marketing and Fraud control alerts, Reminders, Marketing of products and services. Its also commonly used between staffs of company or bank and their clients. One advantage of Bulk Messaging is that it delivers your message directly to the mobile handsets anywhere around Globe. Bulk Message is used to send Promotional Messages of your “Products & Services” and Transactional Messages are used to send Alerts, Reminders & Follow-up.

Bulk Messaging is the specific way of sending promotional SMS & Transactional sms through bulk messaging software. Web based software is needed to send lacs of messages at a time. There are various packages, units available to use Bulk Sms Services for the better prospects of any company or organisation.

Voice Call Service
My SMS Shop Utility helps you give voice to your boring text messages. We provide Bulk voice message service. With our help you will be able to transmit your message vocally to multiple mobile users in Mumbai and other cities of India too.The audio messages that will be sent are pre-recorded so that you can convey the message on the mobile numbers anywhere in Mumbai as well as other cities of India with a per-recorded voice message by sending in bulk. These Bulk voice message that are to be sent can be completely personalized. Today’s modern day marketing has chosen voice broadcasting as a promotion medium to reach out to the Indian audience to create a personal touch. You can send these bulk voice messages in local and regional languages. This makes the receiver of the message more comfortable. Even today most people in India cannot talk in English. Hence a lot of big organizations and companies chose bulk voice SMS as a solution to reach out to them in their own language.

Promotional SMS Service
Bulk SMS is widely used for promotional services. It is known as a very important marketing tool. You can come up with a new offer for your store and inform your customers about the same in just a matter of minutes. It is very useful for updating your customers about different information related to your business. You could use this platform to entice your customers and get them to do more business with you. This is one of the very important ways of sending bulk SMS.Benefits of promotional SMS are that it is cost effective and businesses can get quick responses from their customers. Transactional SMS Service

Transactional SMS or Template Base
One of the other ways to send bulk SMS is to send transactional SMS. This type of template is used when you give customers their login details. You could also use this to give your customers particular information.For example- if you are a university and would like to send messages to the parents of your students about their marks, you could make a basic template that you could use time and again.Benefits of transactional SMS is that they offer speedy delivery and go with a sender ID. They also go to individuals who have opted for DND. What the person sending the SMS needs to do is, design a template and get it approved by TRAI. After the approval, sending messages becomes easy.

Branding SMS
Branding bulk sms is one of the cheapest marketing solutions that is available in the market. You can create awareness about your brand, product or any offer in a second with a single click. You can also send your clients new offers, new products or any events right away. My SMS Shop offers you promotional SMS that can be used for Brand Promotion.You can send Promotional sms with your brand name and thus ths will lead to create a better awareness of product in selected market.

Bulk Email
Best part about Email marketing is that you can personalise your message. Clients respond better to emails that actually address them with their first name. You can capture any of your subscribers’ details when they singup for your mailing list thanks to the custom field function. These fields can then be used to deliver personalised content to your clients.Speed of delivery: Bulk emailing ensures that email is sent to the desired customer in a short span of time. Thousands of customers across different geographies can be reached with the medium of Bulk email.Improves sales and increases revenue: In todays age out of sight is out of mind, sending bulk email as a medium helps achieve the sales target of the organisation by letting customers know about various offers and discounts that the business may offer also it is a good platform to entice customers by emailing them the pictures of the products that they had once liked.

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